Tereza Hirsch, born as Tereza Horak, is a multifaceted individual, a Freelance Journalist, Writer, Director, Actor, and Production Designer. 

Born in Germany and raised in the Czech Republic; Hirsch realized her dreams in 2014 when she moved to Los Angeles. With her passion for writing and filmmaking, Hirsch focused her career and

educational background around this aspect. Throughout the beginning of the 2000s, she expanded her knowledge and experience by enrolling in media management, journalism, film and media production, cinematography, acting and directing. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anglophone studies in English from the Metropolitan University of Prague and graduated in 2015. Hirsch

earned her Master of Arts in Film and Media Production from the New York Film Academy in 2016. She also advanced her acting career skills by securing eight weeks of regular acting classes at the Artist Advantage Group Academy in Hollywood California. She was coached under the illustrious Emmy winner Andre Bauth and Judd Laurance, who is credited for coaching actors such as Jason Bateman, Jennifer Lopez, Heather Locklear and Jenny McCarthy among others.

Hirsch is also multilingual. She speaks fluent German, Czech, and English and also has a basic knowledge of French. Some of her journalistic works include writing short stories for the book ‘The World in a Drop of Dew’ under the lead of the Czech Journalist and Writer Dana Emingerová. Hirsch created websites for the reality/documentary ‘Behind the Hills’ and online music magazine ‘Brouk Music.’ She has written articles on her volunteering journey in India that were published in the cultural and society magazine ‘Xantypa Magazine’ and ‘Prager Zeitung’, the largest non-Czech newspaper in the Czech Republic. She also contributed to writing music related articles for ‘Rock and Pop Magazine’ and ‘Report Magazine’. 

At age 23, Hirsch scored a major position in the well-known online music magazine ‘Brouk-Music’, as the Editor-in-Chief. As a Freelance Filmmaker, during 2015 till present, she was the Casting Assistant for a thesis film ‘Eli’ directed by Yayun Hsu. Hirsch appeared as an actress for the short science fiction film ‘Alive’ directed by William Inhyuk Hyoung and for the film ‘Stalker’ directed by Yitao Yang. Later on, she landed a position as a 2nd Directing Assistant for the film ‘Bird of Paradise’ directed by Le Wang. As a step up from that position, she became the 1st Directing Assistant for ‘Words’ directed by Lamia Al-Shwwier. Then, she served as a Production Designer for the short comedy drama ‘Hot Set’ which was directed by Cyril Zima. Another aspect of her directing skills can be seen in the Music  Video for the song ‘Emiline’ written by Taylor Alexander.

Hirsch’s directorial debut came in 2016 for the film ‘The Guilt List,’

a political drama set in 1953. This film marks the representation of a

blend of her collective skills, which she earned and developed

over time like screenwriting, directing, production designing and 

acting combined into one, to produce the well-articulated film. 


In 2017, Hirsch worked on various commercials (eg for Toyota). She

worked on the set of the 'Feel Nothing' music video by metalcore

band The Plot In You (which has over 4 million views on YouTube), as well as on the set of Student Academy Award winning 'Mammoth' by Ariel Heller.  Meanwhile, her film 'The Guilt List' has received numerous awards, such as for Outstanding Achievement in Film from the film festival in Princeton/NJ and Best International Short Film & Best Cinematography at the Brazil International Film Festival.  In November 2017, along with a group of young Czech writers, Hirsch has published her second book, a collection of short stories, called The Era of Packaging (Doba Obalova). 

Hirsch's filmmaking career reached many milestones in 2018. Her film, 'The Guilt List', won an award at the prestigious Canada Independent Film Festival in January and another at the Portugal International Film Festival in September. 'Blank Space', a film she directed in the summer of 2017, which featured a predominately female cast and crew, premiered in February and won multiple acting awards. In June,  she served as a judge at the Film Leben Festival in Germany before heading to the Czech Republic to begin production on her next film. 'Beyond Her Lens', which tells the real-life story of conflict-zone photographer, Jana Andert, was written, produced, and directed by Hirsch. Filming began in September and stars prominent Czech actress and pop singer, Lucie Vondrackova. 'Beyond Her Lens' is set to premiere in December of 2018.

The latest project Hirsch has taken on is founding her own production company, Hirsch Pictures, in Los Angeles, CA. 


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