German (Native language)

Czech (Native language)

English (Near Native / Fluent in speaking and in writing)

French (Working knowledge)

Spanish (Basic knowledge)




New York Film Academy - Master of Arts 
(Los Angeles, California)
​Sept 2015 - Sept 2016


Film and Media Production. Cinematography. Acting. Directing. Producing. Editing. 


Metropolitan University of Prague - Bachelor of Arts
(Prague, Czech Republic)
​Oct 2011 - June 2015


Anglophone studies (in English), including journalism seminars.



MHMK - Macromedia College For Media And Communication (Hamburg & Munich, Germany)
​Oct 2008 - June 2011


​Culture journalism.


Mediadesign College For Design and IT
(Berlin, Germany)

​Oct 2007 - Jan 2008


Media Management.


Further education
Intensive French language school course at Sprachcaffe Rabat
(Rabat, Morocco)


90 hours of intensive French lessons. 

Acting classes at the Artist Advantage Group Academy
(Hollywood, CA, United States)


8 weeks of regular acting classes under Emmy winner Andre Bauth and Judd Laurance, coach of eg. Jason Bateman, Jennifer Lopez, Burt Reynolds,  Christine Baranski, Heather Locklear, Jenny McCarthy.

Creative writing workshops accoring to Jewish/Czech author Arnošt Lustig
(Prague, Czech Republic)


By Dana Emingerová (journalist and author, a former student of Lustig). Short story writing, dialogue writing, fable writing. Learning writing methods by Aristoteles and John Gardner.

Czech News Agency Academy Workshops for journalists 
(Prague, Czech Republic)
2011 - 2014


The Czech News Agency (Czech: Česká tisková kancelář), abbreviated to ČTK, is a national "public law" news agency in the Czech Republic. It publishes in Czech, Slovak, and English.

Attended the following workshops:

Workshop for photoreporters.

The basics of journalism.

Creative writing.

Speaking in front of a camera.

The art of doing an interview.

How to write news for an online media platform.

How to use LinkedIn and Twitter in a company.

How to film and publish a video. 

Photographer workshop -
(Brno, Czech Republic)


The basics of photography with professional cameras. 

Rhetoric seminars called „Řečniště“ and team debate contests
(Prague, Czech Republic)
2004 - 2005


Improving rhetorical skills, self-presentation, working with your own voice, team debates.

Intensive summer language school courses
(Eastbourne and Oxford, Great Britain)
2001 - 2002


Six weeks in total of intensive English courses with native lecturers, together with international students, staying with a local host family.

Two collections of short stories  in Czech published in the Czech republic in December 2014 and 2017.


Order the books (in Czech for now) here

Volunteering at Odanadi Seva Trust, a non-governmental organisation helping sexually exploited women and children in Mysore, India



Worked in a rehabilitation center with victims of human trafficking, prepared various workshops, improved their reading skills, organized outdoor activities.



Volunteering for the non-profit organisation in New Orleans, USA



Helped repairing houses damaged by hurricane Katrina in the historic Lower Ninth Ward, including community gardening projects as well as preparing meals for homeless people.





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