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Rock & Pop Magazine

Monthly journal covering various modern and classic music styles issued since May 1990. It is the largest music magazine in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 


Report Magazine


Report music magazine issued monthly from 1990 and 2011, now continues as an online music magazine (iReport.cz).


bigFM radio broadcast website


German radio station, airing since 2000 in the south-west of Germany, playing mostly pop and electronic music for young adults. On their website, they publish upcoming events in the area, music and gossip news, articles about upcoming albums or concerts etc.

Articles in Czech & German
Xantypa magazine

Monthly cultural and society magazine, issued since 15 years, of popular culture, sports, current affairs and touching stories. My published story was about the volunteering experiences I gained in India.


Prager Zeitung weekly journal


Prager Zeitung is the largest non-Czech newspaper published in the Czech Republic. issued weekly since 1991. Apart from political news, it provides information about the cultural and social life in the country.

Self-created websites


A brand new online reality show/documentary starring two German girls on their way to pursue their dreams in Hollywood!
This online music magazine was a project started by a team consisting of five friends of mine and me. The aim was to provide Czech music fans with concert reports, videos, interviews and reviews. We managed to get exclusive interviews from bands like the Canadian pop/rock band Simple Plan or the German alternative rock band Guano Apes.
During high school I wanted to improve my website making skills so I dedicated my first attempt to my favorite music group, the German rock band Revolverheld. The website is entirely in Czech.


The World in a Drop of Dew
(Svět v kapce rosy)
A collection of short stories written by a group of 
writers under the lead of the Czech journalist and writer Dana Emingerová.
The Era of Packaging
(Doba obalová)

Another  compilation of short stories, written by a variety of talented authors under the supervision of famous author and journalist Dana Emingerová.

Tereza Hirsch's story "Doba Alobalová" (The Era of Aluminium Foil) evolves around an old lady, remembering her participation in the protests in 1969 in Prague after the Soviet Invasion.

These are just samples of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>


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