Tereza Hirsch

Award winning Director // Writer
Producer // Production Designer 

Born in Germany and raised in the Czech Republic; Hirsch realized

her dreams in 2014 when she moved to Los Angeles. With her

passion for writing and filmmaking, Hirsch focused her career and

educational background around this aspect. Throughout the

beginning of the 2000s, she expanded her knowledge and

experience by enrolling in media management, journalism, film

and media production, cinematography, acting and directing. She

holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anglophone studies in English from the

Metropolitan University of Prague and graduated in 2015. Hirsch

earned her Master of Arts in Film and Media Production from the

New York Film Academy in 2016. She also advanced her acting

career skills by securing eight weeks of regular acting classes at the

Artist Advantage Group Academy in Hollywood California.

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Dana Emingerová -

author and journalist at

National Geographic




Damien Galeone - 

author and lecturer at

Metropolitan University





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Director / Writer / Producer

Inspired by true events. 

BEYOND HER LENS is inspired by the life and work of conflict-zone photographer Jana Andert. It follows Alex's (Lucie Vondráčková) return to Prague as she attempts to piece together a sense of normalcy after shooting footage in Mosul, Iraq.

The film has been selected by over 40 film festivals, domestically and internationally and has won 11 awards. For more check  AWARDS & SELECTIONS


Lucie Vondráčková....Alex 

Bob Boudreaux...Philipp

Paul Dean...Greg

Diego DiGiovanni...Mike

Krystof Sochor...Ali

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